Silk'n: Revolutionising At-Home Beauty with IPL Technology for Over 17 Years

Silk'n: Revolutionising At-Home Beauty with IPL Technology for Over 17 Years

Silk'n: Revolutionising At-Home Beauty with IPL Technology for Over 17 Years

Do you know that Silk'n has been on the beauty market for more than 17 years now? We are one of the most famous brands when it comes to at-home beauty devices, especially with our HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology. Our IPL devices use light pulses for permanent hair removal, making it easy for you to remove unwanted hair on your body and face in the privacy of your own home. We're excited to share our story with you and take a closer look at the evolution of our IPL devices. From our groundbreaking SensEpil to our latest and most advanced device, the Silk'n Infinity Fast, we've come a long way in providing safe and effective at-home beauty solutions. So, stay tuned for our next posts dedicated to exploring the history of our IPL devices and the innovations we've made along the way.

Our journey started in 2005 with the release of the Silk'n SensEpil, our first IPL hair removal device for home use. The SensEpil was a groundbreaking product, offering consumers a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair without having to visit a professional salon. The device was a handheld IPL hair removal device with a modern design, featuring a rectangular treatment window and adjustable energy levels. It had a skin colour sensor, making it safe and suitable for various skin types and hair colours.

Over the years, we continued to refine our IPL technology and develop new devices that addressed the evolving needs of our customers. In 2011, we released the Silk'n Flash&Go, which featured a compact design and a smaller treatment window that made it easier to use on smaller areas of the body. The device was also equipped with a gliding mode, which allowed for faster and more efficient treatment.

In 2017, we launched the Silk'n Infinity - a significant advancement in IPL technology. With a wider treatment window, this device can efficiently treat larger areas of the body in less time. Additionally, it's equipped with an advanced skin colour sensor that automatically adjusts the energy output based on the user's skin tone, ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness during treatment.

At Silk'n, we were constantly exploring the limits of IPL technology to bring our customers the best possible at-home beauty solutions. We introduced various features to our IPL devices, such as a Bluetooth-enabled app that tracked treatment progress and reminded users when it was time for their next session. From our very first product to our most recent innovations, we were proud to have played a significant role in the evolution of IPL technology for at-home use. 

We are taking the next step in our IPL evolution. Introducing a new and improved device very soon! Get ready for the Silk'n Infinity Fast. A cutting-edge hair removal device that offers ultra-fast and painless treatments for the body and face. With the latest eHPLTM technology, the Infinity Fast provides even faster pulses of light, emitting over 120 light pulses per minute. The device has been clinically proven to be effective, with up to 92% hair reduction after completing the treatment sessions*. It is suitable for all skin tones, including the darkest complexion, and features a skin colour sensor that automatically scans your skin for safe use. The device also comes with a free Silk'n App, allowing you to personalise your treatment programme and keep track of your sessions. Overall, the Silk'n Infinity Fast provides a convenient and efficient solution for long-lasting hair removal in the comfort of your own home. Are you ready for the new step in hair removal devices? 

*on light skin with dark hair

4 months ago
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